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About us

RedButterfly® came to life after I had my own baby girlThe idea of embracing indigenous clothing dawned on me when my mother gave me two hand-smocked embroidered dresses for my new baby. Every time my little girl wore them, mothers would ask where I got the dresses.

Sewing was a way of life for my mother. As a young woman, she used to make beautiful hand smocked dresses before she got married and she continued making them for my sisters and I, until we became young girls. In the evenings we would sit and watch my mother sew and soon I learned to do it as well.

I adore this technique and I love the idea that my little girl will grow up wearing them as my sisters and I did. 

RedButterfly® is a small Irish family company. While Яis based in Ireland we have a small, highly skilled team in Argentina led by my great aunt.

We are very keen to keep the skilled smocking technique alive!!

Products – Do one thing, do it well!

Bringing to market a beautiful product, handmade to the highest standard, incorporating unique designs, fabrics and quality, including handmade embroidery and smocking, is my primary aim.

Hand smocking is a time-consuming technique to make, but a labor of love. Only a handful of companies does real hand smocking. We are one of them!

We hand smocked all our garments. That’s it. Nothing else. So each day we come in and make the best at what we know: “The Art of Fabric Manipulation”.

Pleated, stitches, gathering up tiny parts of the pleats in a pattern that makes a geometric design. I just love this type of stitchery. It makes a great texture, and it gives the opportunity for some great color interaction between the stitches and the fabric. 

In my clothes collection, I aim for a timeless style but with a fresh, uncomplicated approach and easy care. 

The dresses themselves would become investment purchases, they are unique, are long lasting and can be passed on to siblings.

Customer Service

Redbutterfly® we design, manufacture and distribute all of our own products.

Our handcrafted products allow us to accept special requests or ideas from our customers without the need for mass production as each item of clothing is made uniquely.

For all inquiries, please email us at info@redbutterfly.eu

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